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EMSE® Suite

Multimodal Functional Imaging Software Suite from Source Signal Inc. (SSI)

Neuralynx is a distributor of Source Signal’s EMSE Suite, a multi-modal functional imaging software analysis package. Designed for neurophysiology researchers, EMSE Suite reads, processes and analyzes the data files that Pegasus Software generates.

  • Modular Architecture
    • Purchase Only Necessary Modules
    • Incremental Expansion Options
  • Runs under Windows® XP/Vista/7 on Intel CPU's
SSI Locator


When used together with Polhemus digitizing hardware (PATRIOT, ISOTRAK & FASTRAK), Locator allows the accurate measurement of electrode locations on an external head shape in 3 dimensions. Data may then be used for MRI co-registration and more accurate source estimation.

SSI Data Editor

EEG/MEG Data Editor

The Data Editor module may be used as a stand-alone program to view, analyze, filter and transform EEG and MEG time series data, and to select an interval for further analysis, including topographic mapping. Support is included for datasets containing events, such as evoked response potentials. In addition, the data is directly accessible to the Source Estimator module for source analysis, and to the Visualizer module for 3D rendering. Data Editor includes sophisticated signal processing and statistical analysis tools. Data Editor takes input in ASCII format or in native mode from serveral hardware vendors.

SSI Source Estimator

Source Estimator

The Source Estimator module may be used for discrete or distributed dipole source analysis from EEG or MEG data provided by the Data Editor module.

Three shell spherical models or realistic head models - with data from the
Image Processor module - may be used for field calculations. Source estimates may be output to MR Viewer for MRI overlay.

SSI MR Viewer

MR Viewer

The base module for Image Processor and Visualizer, MR Viewer displays magnetic resonance and other images with specialized features designed for the overlay of electromagnetic source estimation and other functional imaging data. Seeded dipoles may be obtained (i.e., from fMRI data) for use with Source Estimator. Image data may be input in raw byte, raw word, ACR/NEMA/DICOM, and several proprietary formats.

SSI Image Processor

Image Processor

Starting with a volumetric dataset from the MR Viewer base module, Image Procesesor tools support automated segmentation, boundary mesh generation, and cortical unfolding. The output may be made available to Visualizer for 3D rendering, or to
Source Estimator for realistic head shape modeling and cortical surface restriction.

SSI Visualizer


Use Visualizer to obtain and view 3D rendered images, and to combine data from several modalities, including topographic mapping, MRI data, and electromagnetic source analysis.

NOTE: The EMSE Software Suite is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease.