ATLAS Modular Headstage (MH-36)

a 36 channel buffered headstage with
interchangeable probe-specific electrode interfaces

buffers single unit activity sensed by the MEI-X electrodes for
transmission to the ATLAS Neurophysiology System

CAUTION: ATLAS Modular Headstage-36 cannot be used for stimulation experiments.

ATLAS Modular Headstage (MH-36)
MH-36 Specifications
References0 - 4
Cable Length3 Meters
Mass180 Grams
MH-36 to ATLAS Connector Dimensions50mm x 58.5mm x 20mm
MH-36 to MEI-X Connector Dimensions71mm x 43.5mm x 7.75mm
MH-36 with Electrode Interface (MEI-PM16)

ATLAS Modular Electrode Interfaces

passively routes electrode signals to the MH-36

Each probe interface has its own unique Signal Mouse for testing all channels and references. (Sold separately.)

Modular Electrode Interface-PM10 (MEI-PM10)

For PMT® probes with 10-contact mini connectors

  • 8 channels per electrode
  • 1 reference per electrode
  • 4 electrode connections per MEI-PM10

Modular Electrode Interface-PM16 (MEI-PM16)

For PMT® probes with 16-contact mini connectors

  • 16 channels per electrode
  • 0 references per electrode
  • 2 electrode connections per MEI-PM16

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  • MEI-PM10 Signal Mouse
  • MEI-PM16 Signal Mouse
  • MH-36 Signal Mouse