ATLAS Headstages

Clinical Headstage for Electrode Tails (CHETs)

Our new high input impedance unity gain buffering clinical headstage pre-amplifier designs are compact, durable, accept new electrode types, and use superior connection methods to improve reliability and ease-of-use. These headstages use a common, highly pliable, keyed MDR50 tether to interface the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier.




Electrode ConnectorBehnke-Fried IDC 10 Pin DIXI Medical®
Electrodes4 4 2
Channels32 32 32
References4 4 4
Active Grounds1 1 1
Auxilliary References1 1 1

ATLAS Headstage Tether


The ATLAS Headstage Tether pairs with ATLAS-HS-36-CHET-X headstages using a mechanical latch to secure the high-density connector in place. The lighter and more pliable cable design ensures easy cable management and the keyed MDR50 connector guarantees proper orientation to the Tether Extension.




Legacy CHET Pre-Amplifiers

Clinical Headstage for Electrode Tails (CHETs)




Our legacy ATLAS Clinical Headstage Pre-Amplifiers (CHETs) connect directly to the tail of a clinical microwire electrode bundle, running each signal through a unity gain buffer to ensure clean, noise free signals. ATLAS CHETs are small enough to be placed inside the patient's head wrap, minimizing the un-buffered signal wire length. Note: our legacy CHETs do not pair with the new ATLAS Headstage Tether.

The ATLAS CHETs case for Ad-Tech® electrode tails contains a convenient clear plastic roller to quickly make and verify the Electrode Tail physical connection.

Channels8 16
References1 0
Active Grounds1 1
Auxilliary References1 1