ATLAS Headboxes

Allows Buffered Recording and External Stimulus Delivery Simultaneously
through All Electrodes with Touch Proof Connections

ATLAS Headboxes provide neurologists with the ability to record from scalp and intra-cranial macro electrodes. Additionally, our unique active, high impedance buffer circuitry maintains signal fidelity and drastically reduces noise interference inherent in the clinical environment. A parallel touch proof connector set accommodates external stimulator connections that speeds up manual cortical mapping procedures.

ATLAS Headbox

Signal Quality

  • Active buffers are stimulus-tolerant:
    up to +/- 15 volts (30 volt total)
  • Low noise buffers on all signals for improved signal quality
  • Exact unity gain buffers maintain excellent
    CMR performance for noise and artifact rejection

Recording Capabilities

  • Record stimulus delivery and EEG after-discharges from all electrodes - amplifier inputs are not disconnected during stimulus delivery
  • Record scalp and intra-cranial electrodes with touch proof connections

Applications and Use

  • Accommodates standard EEG recording routines
  • Facilitates surface recordings of spontaneous EEG and evoked response
  • Easily connect stimulators for cortical mapping procedures or research stimulus purposes
Input Channels64 electrodes, 8 reference inputs
Active Ground Connection1 touch proof active ground output
GainUnity Gain (= 1.00000)
Input Voltage Range±15 V max (30 V isolated stimulus)
Output Voltage Range± 5 V
Noise Level2.75 µV rms (1 Hz - 9,000 Hz)
Stimulation ConnectionsTouch proofs on flat surface
System Connections2 female MDR-50 connectors
Dimensions145 mm X 155 mm X 57 mm
Weight0.9 kg

Patient Connectors

Each model provides a unique second paralleled patient connector for specific clinical equipment.

ATLAS Headbox 64 touch proof connections

ATLAS Headbox

64 touch proof connections on tiered side panel for convenient access

ATLAS HC Headbox dual DB37 input connectors

ATLAS HC Headbox

Dual DB37 high-density input connectors for quick connect to stimulator switches, electrode EIBs and EEG headcaps

ATLAS NK Headbox A & BCD mini jackbox

ATLAS NK Headbox

Side panel input connectors for Nihon Kohden A and BCD Mini Jackbox