Double Channel Count to 512 in One ATLAS System

ATLAS Combo Board

One Input Board / Dual Functionality

Increase the maximum channel count of your ATLAS Neurophysiology System from 256 to 512 channels with the ATLAS Combo Board. The foundation of ATLAS system, the ATLAS Combo Board performs both analog-to-digital signal conversion and digitally controlled reference selection.

One ATLAS Combo Board replaces the ATLAS Hybrid Input Board and
ATLAS DRS-36 Board pair in the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier,
doubling channel count from 256 to 512:

1 ATLAS Combo Board = 32 channels

16 ATLAS Combo Boards = 512 channels

  • One board with Digital Reference Selection and Analog-to-Digital Conversion
  • 24 bit A/D converters
  • Common Mode Rejection ratio – exceeds 105 dB at 60 Hz
  • 40 KHz Sample Rate
  • 8 Analog References per Board
  • Simultaneous sampling across all channels and system
  • Lower Cost per Channel
AC Input Range (> 1 Hz)≈ ±132 mV
DC Input RangeExceeds ±1000 mV
Input Referred Noise1.3 µV rms (0.1 Hz to 9000 Hz)
Input Connector: MDR-50• 32 A/D Channels
• 4 References + 1 Subject Ground
Connects electrode interfaces (ATLAS Headboxes, ATLAS Headstages and ATLAS Signal Splitter Cables)
to ATLAS Combo Board
Global Reference Connector: MDR-26• 7 Global References
Allows global referencing between ATLAS Combo Boards, and use of the Active Ground Drive


32 simultaneously sampling A/D converters at 16 kHz - 40 kHz samples rates

24 bit A/D converters (value of 6th bit is 1 µV) - ensures wide input range & high voltage precision.

User Selectable Sampling Rate: 16KSPS - 40KSPS (2KSPS increments)
  • Sample at lower rate to save disk space
  • Sample at higher rate for greater temporal resolution
Software Selectable Reference Selection:
  • 8 Local or Global analog references for A/D Converters per ATLAS Combo Board
    • Select Local Reference for A/D converters via Pegasus software
    • Selected reference comes from ATLAS Combo Board itself
  • 8 Global Reference Bus channels for referencing between boards
    • Select Global Reference for A/D converters via Pegasus software
    • Selected reference comes from a different ATLAS Combo Board
Software Controlled Analog Switch Network:

Allows any A/D Channel, Reference or Global Reference to be used as the recording reference (-Input) for each channel input.