ATLAS Clinical Headstage Pre-Amplifiers

Clinical Headstage for Electrode Tails (CHETs)

Buffered Clinical Headstages for Human Single Unit Studies

HS-10-CHET-A 1.0

HS-18-CHET-A 1.0

HS-10-CHET-Omni 1.0


ATLAS Clinical Headstage Pre-Amplifiers (CHETs) connect directly to the tail of a clinical microwire electrode bundle, running each signal through a unity gain buffer to ensure clean, noise free signals. ATLAS CHETs are small enough to be placed inside the patient's head wrap, minimizing the un-buffered signal wire length.

The ATLAS CHETs case for Ad-Tech® electrode tails contains a convenient clear plastic roller to quickly make and verify the Electrode Tail physical connection.


DeviceChannelsReferencesActive GroundsAuxilliary References
HS-10-CHET-A 1.08 1 11
HS-18-CHET-A 1.016 0 11
HS-10-CHET-Omni 1.08 1 11