TPSS Cable

"Universal" Touch Proof Signal Splitter

Designed for use with:

• ATLAS Neurophysiology System
• ATLAS Headboxes
• MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension Cables


ATLAS TPSS Cable allows signals from an electrode interface, such as the ATLAS Headbox, to be recorded by not only the ATLAS Neurophysiology System but also by any other FDA cleared or CE Marked neurophysiology-recording system with touch proof connections.

  • One system connection to the patient
  • Expands recording equipment options
  • Touch proof connection to clinical EEG system headboxes
  • Passive device with no effect on signals that pass through
  • Mounts to the Signal Splitter Rail on the ATLAS Cart - mount included
  • Shielded for low noise

The ATLAS TPSS Cable shares output from the electrode interface and splits them to both systems to be digitized.


  • Two 1 meter MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension Cables to connect the ATLAS TPSS Cable to the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier.
    Catalog number: TETH-XTN-MM-1
  • Mounting Brackets

Required for Setup - Sold Separately

Two additional MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension Cables provide the connection between the electrode interface
(ie., Headboxes or Headstages) and the ATLAS TPSS Cable.
Available lengths: 1 m, 2 m, 5 m, 8 m.

Catalog number: TETH-XTN-MM

ATLAS Channels64
ATLAS References8
Auxiliary Output Cable Channels64
Auxiliary Output References8
Panel Ground1
Com (Active Ground Output)1
Dimensions (LxWxH)140 mm x 135 mm x 25.4 mm
Weight/Mass≈ 1 kg
Cable Length3 m touch proof auxiliary connections